10 Best Places to Visit in China & Tourist Attractions in China –China Travel Guide and Tips.

Our best of “China Travel Guide” will help you making a choice among the highlights of China, from food to sights to souvenirs. Our “China Travel Guide” offers expert advice on how to visit destinations with the utmost efficiency and enjoyment.

List of Best Places to Visit in China: 1. Hong Kong, 2. Beijing, 3. Great Wall of China, 4. Shanghai, 5. Xi’an, 6. Lhasa, 7. Yangshuo, 8. Hangzhou, 9. Jiuzhaigou, 10. Kunming

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  1. Kunming
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    9. Jiuzhaigou
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    8. Hangzhou
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    7. Yangshuo
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    6. Lhasa
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    5. Xi’an
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    4. Shanghai
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    3. Great Wall of China
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    2. Beijing
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    1. Hong Kong
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