Spain Travel Guide Video: 10 Best Places to Visit in Spain

Like a grandpa bouncing a baby on his knee, Spain is a mix of old and new, modern and traditional. For Spain Travel Guide, Spain means many things: bullfights, massive cathedrals, world-class art, Muslim palaces, whitewashed villages, delicious paella, sunny beaches, and lively nightlife. You’ll find all those things, but the country’s charm really lies in its people and their unique lifestyle. From the stirring communal sardana dance in Barcelona to the sizzling rat-a-tat-tat of flamenco in Sevilla, this country creates its own beat amid the heat.
List of Best Places to Visit in Spain for travel guide: 1. Barcelona, 2. Madrid, 3. Granada, 4. Seville, 5. Valencia, 6. San Sebastian, 7. Cordoba, 8. Toledo, 9. Santiago de Compostela, 10. Bilbao

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  1. Bilbao
    Alex Gonzalez:
    Michael Jones:
    9. Santiago de Compostela
    Alquiler de Coches:
    Alexander Schimmeck:
    8. Toledo
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    Andrés Santamaría:
    7. Cordoba
    Jose Javier Martin Espartosa:
    6. San Sebastian
    Mercado San Martín:
    5. Valencia
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    4. Seville
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    3. Granada
    Adán Sánchez de Pedro:
    Luis Cap:
    2. Madrid
    Viviendo Madrid:
    1. Barcelona
    Andrew E. Larsen:
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