Best Indian Places you can Visit Right Now without a Covid 19 Negative Report
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The contagious nature of the COVID-19 virus has forced us to stay confined in our home for nearly 7 months. The country was in complete lockdown.
Now, our country is in the unlocking phase and all the major tourist locations have started accepting tourists. Though in many places you have to follow some strict COVID-19 regulations many places have also released the same and are accepting tourists with no such hard norms. Here, we are going to make a two-part series where we will suggest 4 beautiful Indian tourist destinations where you can visit right now without a COVID-19 negative report or mandatory quarantine. We will also share how many tour packages are available in these places, how many days are required for a tour, the best places to visit there, and the budget.
Here, is the 1st part and we share details about two places here Goa and Darjeeling Kalimpong
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Complete Goa Tour-
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South Goa Tour-

Darjeeling Tour –
Kalimpong Tour-
Tabakoshi Mirik Tour-
Sillery Gaon Icchey Gaon Ramdhura Tour-
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