Want to keep up with your Instagram game without making your wallet suffer? No worries. You can still see the world and document all of it even if you’re barely able to pay rent. Here are some of the best places to go when you’re short on some dough!

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8. Machu Picchu, Peru
A hike up 8,920 feet or 2,270 meters sounds daunting, but for Machu Picchu, it’s worth it! If you’re worried about acclimating to the high altitude, don’t be! Experts say you won’t have any severe problems with it. The ancient citadel is located in Peru, in the Andies Mountains. While the whole journey to Machu Picchu might cost you, hotels are $68 per night on average. Plus, the rest of Peru is the right place to be if you’re trying to economize your vacation.

7. Palawan, Philippines
The Philippines consists of 7,107 islands, and one of the most low-priced destinations is the province of Palawan. It is the largest province in the country and full of wonders for the most adventurous people. If you’re coming from the west coast of Canada or the United States, a trip to the Philippines won’t break the bank. Stay at a $10 hostel and go ahead and enjoy the water cave tours and the clear waters at the tropical resorts.

6. Auckland, New Zealand
Don’t forget that the continent of Australia includes not only the country of Australia but also New Zealand. Do not mix up these two nations! The locals will not take to it kindly. For a major metropolitan area, Auckland is rather small, only 419 square miles or 1,085 square kilometers. If you’re coming from a different part of the world, your plane ticket will cost you. Past that, you can be sure that you will receive the most bang for your buck here. Some backpacker tours are free! At Sylo Park, you can catch a free movie. For some treats, visit T2 on Queens street for some free tea! You will be thankful for all that free stuff when you spend money to visit Hobbiton, the old set for the Lord of the Rings movies!

5. Crete, Greece
Nowadays, a trip to Greece isn’t as expensive as it used to be. To save even more money, stay away from Athens and Santorini. Instead, go to Crete and experience everything quintessentially Greek without the oversaturation of tourists. Crete is Greece’s largest island. Here, you have the chance to eat delicious seafood, sun-tan on the warm beach of Balos, find tranquility at the Elafonisi (ella-fon-nisi) lagoon and monastery, and absorb some Ancient Greek history in the capital of Heraklion.(her-ak-leeon) Check out the birthplace of Zeus in the Ideon Cave! For just $55 a night? That sounds like a deal to us.

4. South Korea
The past decade has seen an immense increase in tourism for South Korea and the country is more than willing to adapt to this new asset to their economy. Daily, you don’t have to spend more than $30 to survive. Average flight prices from the US are $900. The public transport is easy to use and helps take you most places. In Seoul(solll) , you can eat at a lot of trendy restaurants, though beware of how packed the city is. South Korea can reach low temperatures, so if you’re not ready for the cold, avoid going during December.

3. Costa Rica
Why are more and more college students studying abroad or vacationing in Costa Rica? The prices are hard to beat. Thankfully, the exchange rate from the U.S. dollar is low. Costa Rica is a safe place to visit, and the hostels are some of the most affordable in the world, and many bed and breakfast places offer complimentary breakfasts Since so many people come here, be cautious of all the tourists traps in the more populated cities.

2. Albania
If you’re still trying to experience Europe on a budget, don’t skip out on Albania. Your bank account will thank you. The low cost of living draws in tourists looking for a low-cost trip. Like most places in Europe, you can see national parks, historical tours in old castles, and tours of the Balkan available. Albania sits along the Mediterranean, so you don’t have to spend more money to stay in Italy or France to swim in the same water. Your accommodation can be as cheap as $5!