Compilation of clips from travelling the best places in South America.


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A summary of the best places to travel in South America. This amazing travel video shows a trip through South America that lasted 9 months and took me to some amazing places in South America. I left my old home in Mexico in 2016, and travelled through Central America to Colombia and then home. I then got a ticket to Peru, where I embarked on some more travels through Latin America, this time focusing on countries I had never been to, and the remaining countries I wanted to travel in South America.

In this video you will see clips from the following places, with also other videos from those destinations you can view:

Arequipa, Peru. One of the most stunning cities in all of Latin America:
Copacabana, Bolivia, high up on Lake Titicaca:

Many videos from Chile, including Iquique, Santiago, and Pucon:

Iquique, Chile:
Santiago, Chile:
Pucon, Chile:

Great clips of beautiful places to travel in South America from Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil:

Argentina Travel:
Travel Uruguay:
Places to travel in Brazil:

A really emotional video about my last year travelling around South America, highlighting some of the best places to travel in South America. I hope you enjoy my travel videos and subscribe for more South America travel videos.

South America Travel Videos: