Vacations aren’t just for summer and winter break! Autumn can be a great time to vacation if you go to the right places! For one, the weather is in between warm and cold. For another, less people travel during this time which means cheaper flights and hotels! What are you waiting for? Keep watching to see where you can vacation for the fall.

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4. Snowdonia National Park, Wales
Yes, a place called “Snowdonia” really exists, and you’ll find it in the mountainous regions of northwestern Wales. This national park gpes pm fpr 823 square miles or 2,130 square kilometers. It has the highest peaks in the UK aside from Scotland, so if you’re looking for some elevation in you’re trip, Snowdonia’s the place to go. Nearly 4 million people visit the park annually. On your hike, you may come across animals like geral goats and otters and sights such as lush mountains and beautiful waterfalls!

3. Italy
Temperatures in Italy during the summer might reach unpleasant levels, so it’s best to try to arrive later in the year. Almost 60 million people visit Italy each year, making it the fifth-most visited country in the world. Why wouldn’t it be? Italy has been the center for art in Europe for hundreds of years and there’s an endless amount of paintings and sculptures in museums to see and architecture to behold. It’s also almost completely surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, so there’s more than enough coastline destinations to experience. Fall time travels include cheaper airfare and fewer people on the streets.

2. Las Vegas, USA
If you’re looking for a hot summer (weather-wise, mind you) then Vegas is a good candidate for summer vacation. It gets as hot as 115 or more in this Nevadan party town. If 100-degree weather doesn’t sound good to you, then you’re also in luck. The air turns a little crisp and chilly in the fall. Traveling later in the year also ensures you won’t be stuck with as many tourists on the Strip (or anywhere else for that matter). September is one of the cheapest months to fly to Las Vegas