Costa Rica has endless destinations and attractions to see, and even when planning a vacation package is not difficult, it may take you a long time if you are not sure of what you want to see and do or if you don’t know what the country has to offer.

That’s why we create this brief guide, to let you know the best places that you must visit if you decide to visit Costa Rica this year. We hope this guide can help you decide the destinations and attractions that you want to include in your itinerary, but also, don’t forget to look over our best Costa Rica vacation packages. These ones have been prepared taking into account all the places you will find here, considering what you want to experience during your Costa Rica vacations.

Most of the popular places to visit in Costa Rica can be enjoyed by everyone… The country has the perfect destinations to satisfy the needs and likes of children, seniors, couples looking for romantic escapes, families, solo travelers; but of course, we know that there are special places for special occasions, so we also include in this guide a small section of recommendations depending if you are visiting the country for your honeymoon, looking for a natural encounter or for having a good time of relax.

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