Things To Do In Dubai 2020 – Best places to visit in Dubai 2020 – Dubai travel guide 2020

If you’re visiting Dubai in 2020 for a nice trip – solo or with family, watch this video for the best places to visit in Dubai when traveling here on a holiday. In this video, we show you (some of) the best places to visit in Dubai 2020.

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This video mainly shows you things to do in Dubai for free or things to do in Dubai with kids. I have focus on free things to do in Dubai and fun activities in Dubai that you can do with your friends and family. We explore new attractions in Dubai, visit the Dubai Mall, explore Bluewaters Island, visit JBR Dubai, have a look at Dubai Marina and also explore Dubai Miracle Garden which is one of the top tourist attractions in Dubai.

This video is a quick Dubai Travel Guide – the locations shown here are not ranked in any order and are all amazing places to see when in Dubai.

There are a lot of locations that I will cover in the next episode, such as Mall of the Emirates, Gold Souk Dubai, Burj Khalifa and Global Village. So stay tuned.

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