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Top best places to visit in Cetinje, Montenegro
Cetinje is the historic and the secondary capital of Montenegro.

The city is of enormous cultural and spiritual value to the country. It is the Old Royal Capital, and the seat of the residence for the President of Montenegro.

The center of the old historic core of the city, with a lot of architectural heritage, is the Court Square.

In the middle of the square stands the Monument to Ivan Crnojevic, founder of the city.
Near by is the palace of Prince-Bishop Petrovic, the Billiard House, a museum of him and Montenegrin History.

Around the square there are also the Ethnographic Museum and the King Nicholas’ Museum, a former royal residence.

The Orthodox Chipur Church, built in the ruins of previous temple monastery, is in the vicinity of the square.

Also in the same neighborhood is the Summer Stage, a theater designed in the style reminiscent of antic amphitheaters.

The city is home to the most famous Serb Orthodox Church in Montenegro, the Cetinje Monastery, which features several important relics.

Worth a visit is also the Vlah Church, the Serbian Orthodox church built in the 15th century.

One of the best landmarks in the city, the Government Building, houses a Historical Museum and the National Gallery.

Today’s local government debates and represents the former capital in the Town Hall.

Next to it is the Royal Theater, one of the best cultural institutions in the city.

Above Cetinje, on Eagle’s Rock, is located the Mausoleum of Bishop Danilo, founder of the Monastery. From there, there is a beautiful, panoramic view of the city.

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