Top best places to visit in Cork, Ireland
Cork, the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland, lies in the south of the country.

In reference to the city’s role during the Irish Civil War Corkonians often refer to the city as “The Real Capital”.

The center of the city forms an island between two channels of the River Lee.

There are about thirty bridges over the North and South channels.
On the banks of the river is the National Monument.

On the island are located also many important buildings, such as:
The Courthouse.

The Holy Trinity Friary, a Roman Catholic church affiliated with the Capuchin.

The Triskel Arts Centre, an 18th century Church turned into the Center for Contemporary Arts.

The Opera House which has always housed performances of all types and the Crawford Art Gallery a museum dedicated to the visual arts.

And finally the City Museum, which is mainly focused on the history and archeology of the Cork.

Adjacent to the museum Fitzgerald’s Park is a perfect place for a walk and a rest.

There are important landmarks outside the main island as well, such as:
The City Hall, the administrative headquarters of Cork.

The magnificent St Finbarr’s Cathedral, a fine 19th century neo-Gothic church.

The central bell tower of the Red Abbey, one of the last remaining visible structures of Cork.

And the castle-like City Gaol, a restored 19th century former prison, which is now a museum.

Everybody can enjoy the variety of architecture at the University College Cork being open to the public.

A great example of modernist style is within the grounds of University, the Lewis Glucksman Gallery.

Having been active military and police barracks for more than 400 years, the Elizabeth Fort was a 17th-century defensive fortification on high-ground.

From there you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city.

Another good place to see the city from high up is from St Anne’s Church, which is on the other side of town.


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