I can’t imagine not traveling the world. http://rawontheroad.org

A life without adventures in new cities, countries and continents around the world.

A life without trying new things every day. It just doesn’t seem right to me anymore. It is fascinating how your life and priorities change when you travel around the world.
My life was completely different 3 years ago when we started this journey in 2012. I was different. I was more interested in making money than traveling. I never knew that travel would make me so happy with my life. That it would change everything about me. Over the past 3 years we had so many incredible adventures around the world, made lifelong friends and countless unforgettable memories.

People often ask us: “I want to travel the world. How can I make it happen?”

It is simple: depending on your budget, you can either find a travel agency that will plan you entire trip – in that case it will probably be quite difficult for you to have an authentic experience and soak up the culture of the place you are traveling to. You will often only get to see the top tourist spots, and will have to pay a fortune for your trip. Or you can meet awesome locals that will open their homes and share their lives with you. How can you do it? Easy. There are some great travel sites that can make your travel experience truly unique and enjoyable and help you travel the world for free. Many travel sites will also give you a good idea about what places you shouldn’t miss, but you will have to plan the rest of your trip yourself.

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