Top best places to visit in Derry, Northern Ireland
Derry or, more officially, Londonderry is the second largest city of Northern Ireland.

The city is also nicknamed the Maiden City by virtue of the fact that its walls were never breached despite being besieged on three separate occasions.

Derry is the only remaining walled city in Ireland that is completely intact and it is one of the finest examples of a walled city in Europe.

There are many historical buildings that can be visited when walking down the City Walls.
St Columb’s Cathedral is the mother church of the Ireland Diocese of Derry.

Situated along the City Walls, First Derry Presbyterian Church has recently been re-opened and is now used as a place of worship.

Another admirable church of great importance is the neo-Gothic St Augustine’s Church.

Located within the historic walls Tower Museum, the main museum of the city, tells the story of the city from prehistory to the present.

Right in the center of Derry is a monument dedicated to the citizens who lost their lives during World War I, the Diamond War Memorial.

In the Bogside neighborhood is a historical landmark, a free-standing gable wall, that commemorates Free Derry.

In the same area of the Free Derry Museum is the Bloody Sunday Memorial.

But the Bogside is best known for its large political murals found on the walls of Free Derry Corner.

A more contemporary sculpture in the city, known as Hands Across the Divide, serves as a symbol of the two communities coming together.

Outside of the city walls are many important landmarks worth visiting, such as:
St Eugene’s Cathedral, where there is the Roman Catholic minster.

St Columba’s Church Long Tower, the Roman Catholic Church with the beautiful altar.

And the Guildhall, a large hall where many social and political events have been held.

The Guildhall is located between City Walls and the River Foyle.


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