Seychelles – The Best Of
A Photographic Journey Through Pristine Natural Beauties

(note: 96, not 69)

The wonderful, high quality photographs inside this book will take you on a spectacular journey through some of the most beautiful spots on our planet! You will discover some of the best pristine places, fascinating wild animals and magnificent beaches of Bird Island, La Digue, Aride, Praslin and Mahe.

The photographs were taken by Gregor Kervina, a nature loving professional photographer from Slovenia, an expert in his field. His work has been featured by NASA and selected among the Top Ten Space Pictures of 2007 by National Geographic.
The foreword is by Dr. Jeanne A. Mortimer, who is one of the leading scientific authorities on environmental conservation in the Seychelles.

“Find-It” Maps and text under each photo will enable you to locate and experience each place for yourself.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!