Top best places to visit in Ipoh, Malaysia
Ipoh is one of the country’s largest cities, it lies on the west coast of the Malaysian peninsula.

It used be called the City of Millionaires referring to the fortunes made during the tin rush.

You can see splendid architecture around the Old Town.
The best examples are the Court House, the Town Hall,
And the Railway Station, dubbed “Taj Mahal of Ipoh”.

Nearby the Station Square are the Birch Memorial Clocktower, a popular tourist spot,
And the State Mosque.

There are not many landmarks in the city center but there are some interesting buildings worth seeing, like:

Darul Ridzuan Museum,

The Old Federal Building,

St. Michael’s Institution,
And several more.

Many Malaysian cities have a large green area in the center.
Padang Ipoh is such a place that around it there are couple of historic and religious buildings.
This is also a good place to play sports.

Very nice place for a walk, especially at night, is Kinta Riverfront.

Just next to it is Dr. Seenivasagam Park, a perfect place for relaxation.

A little outside the city center is Perak Cave Temple.

This Chinese temple houses over 40 Buddha statues,
Including, the tallest and largest Buddha statue in Malaysia, standing almost 13 m high.

And from the top of the Rock, in which the temple was carved,
There is a nice view over both sides of the city.


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