In this video we have shared the best places to travel in South Island New Zealand. We also shared some tips such as Halal Food, Local culture, muslim travel guide and many more.

I also share some of the best place to capture amazing photos on the south island New Zealand. New zealand is well known as unique local cultural, amazing landscape and stargazing.

In this video, I shared top 5 best places must visit when you travel to South Island:
1) Wanaka – A few places to visit such as world famous That Wanaka tree at Lake Wanaka, Worldpuzzle, Lavender Farms, Cardrova Hotel and Lake Wanaka.
2) Tekapo and Twizel – A few places to visit such as Mackenzie International Sky Reserve to watch stargazing, beautiful Lake Tekapo dan Mountain for Lord of the Ring film. You also can stop at High Country Salmon to feed salmon fish or buying fresh salmon fish.
3) Fiordland National Park – Best places for hiking, camping, cruising or Kayaking at Milford Sound/ Mitre Peak or driving at the most scenic route in South Island New Zealand. You also will have chance to drive inside tunnel on the way to Milford Sound.
4) Mount Cook National Park – It is the most beautiful place for hiking (Hookers valley), best place to explore Glacier via hiking or via helicopter (recommended). You also can view national park and glacier from small jet.
5) Queenstown – It is the best place for extreme sport activities such as Sky Diving, Bungy Jumping, or Jet Boating at Lake Wakatipu. The best place to view Queenstown city is from Skyline Gondola Queenstown (Available Halal Food).

All these places, I have shared in this video. At the end of this video, I also shown another place to travel when you visit South Island New Zealand.

Dunedin – Famous place with Nugget Point Lighthouse (Beach and beautiful view from Lighthouse) and Hoopers inlet (Small house jetty).

If you plenty time you also can travel to Lindis Pass (Mountain road), Moeraki Boulders (unique stone) at beach.

Christchurch – You can explore earthquake history in its town or unique Architecture building around the cities.

I also shared some of best places for skiing in South Island New Zealand such as Mount Hutt Skiing resort. Other places are also available at Queenstown and Wanaka.

Halal Food – Its available at a few major cities in South Island such as Queenstown, Christchurch and Dunedin. Most of the Halal Food comprises of Indian Muslim Restaurant, Turkish or Middle East Kebab and Vegetarian Restaurant. However, the only Malaysian taste Food Cafe is only available in Christchurch.

For fruits lover Cromwell – This is the place that you must visit when you like to buy New Zealand fruits. You can find this place in between Lindis Pass to Queenstown city.

Mosque – Available in Dunedin and Christchurch cities. In Dunedin, you can search Masjid Al Huda and on the way from Christchurch to Dunedin, you also can stop at Oamaru Islamic Centre for prayer. In Christchurch city you can perform your prayer at Masjid Al Noor. While, in Queenstown, they only provide small Islamic Centre for prayer.

New Zealand is one of the most strict country in terms of bringing food from outside especially milk base products or nuts. In New Zealand, you can find Halal Food in Supermarket across the countries such as Lamb or Snacks.

Don’t forget to bring DSLR camera to capture the most beautiful stargazing, drone to view New Zealand landscape from the above, go pro to record while walking or driving around the island as well as your phone camera. In this video, I combine all videos from all these gadgets to publish amazing photos and videos.

Driving at South Island – Be careful at speed limit (100 km per hour) and the police car equip with speed limit camera. This car will chase you when you drive over its speed limit. It can track your speed either from your back or face to face.

Winter time is shorter than summer. The day time can be between 6-7 hours per day. You have to plan your trip properly.

The cheapest cost to travel at South Island New Zealand is via Caravan as you can stop anywhere you want (designated place for Caravan). You also can sleep at sharing hostel to save the cost. They provided complete facilities such as Sauna, Kitchen or entertainment centre.

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