Top best places to visit in Podgorica, Montenegro
Podgorica is the capital and largest city of Montenegro.

The name Podgorica literally means Below the Little Hill. It is an economic, administrative and commercial hub of the country.

The central square of the city, the Republic Square, is a pleasant place in New Town district with a lot of life, especially at the end of the day.

Several important buildings stands in the vicinity of the square, like:
The National Theatre.

The National Library, a treasury of written cultural heritage.
The seat of local government, the City Hall.

And the Parliament of Montenegro, the seat of the national government.
In the park across the street is the Monument to King Nikola.

Near by is the Skaline, an area with the oldest bridge in the city, connects New Town with Old Town, a Turkish neighbourhood that had been the core of the city until it was destroyed during World War II.

The area still has an undeniable oriental feel thanks to its mosques, narrow streets and gardens behind walls.

The most prominent sight here and one of the town’s landmarks is the Clock Tower.

In the new part of town is located the Roman Square, a favourite meeting point and a home for the trendiest cafés and restaurants.

Close by is the Church of Resurrection, a new orthodox cathedral.

There is also a catholic cathedral, the Church of the Holy Heart, situated in a modern, concrete building.

On the slopes of the Gorica Hill, after which the city was named, is another sacred temple, the St George’s Church.

In the park on the Gorica Hill is the Monument to the Partisan Fighter, a socialist memorial that reminiscent of an antique mausoleum.

In Podgorica you can find a lot of interesting ways to spend your free time, such as:
Relaxing in one of the many parks.

Visiting, one of the fundamental cultural institutions of the state, nowadays turned into a museum, the King Nikola’s Castle.

Cheering during the football game at the Podgorica City Stadium.

Or discovering ruins of the town of Doclea, the most important archaeological site of the city.


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