Top best places to visit in Prizren, Kosovo
Prizren is a historic and the second largest city in Kosovo.

Prizren, known since the Middle Ages as the “Serbian Constantinople”, approves its nickname thanks to the historic part of the town, winding streets and old stories and legends.

The city is settled on the banks of Bistrica River and in the center of Old Town is located the Stone Bridge.

Just next to the bridge is the Shadërvan Square, the main urban plaza and a gathering point in the evenings and is surrounded by two significant places of worship:

The Sinan Pasha Mosque, the largest and one of the best mosques in this territory.

And built just behind the corner, the St George Orthodox Cathedral.

The city’s largest church was destroyed by a mob in 2004 and it has been reconstructed since.

In front of the cathedral stands the St Nicholas Chapel, a small single-nave church with beautiful frescoes.

The most prominent structure in Prizren, the Church of Our Lady of Ljevis, is protected by UNESCO but closed since the riots in 2004.

Another important place, the Church of Lady Helper, is a cathedral of the Catholic Diocese of Prizren.

But Prizren is a city of mosques. The Bajrakli Mosque is the most beautiful one with an ornate wood work.

Near the center of the town is an early Ottoman-era monument in which oriental and local traditions combine, the Turkish Bath.

There are numerous museums around town worth a visit.
Like the historic Albanian League of Prizren Museum.

Or the Halveti’s Tekke, a house that shows how local people used to lived.

The biggest attraction of the city, however, is a medieval fortress situated above Prizren, the Kaljaja Fortress.

The fort where the capital of Serbia was once located, is in ruins but has an amazing view of the city.


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