Hello everyone! Our trip to Tula continues but this time we are going outside of the city to visit the vast fields where the Russians and Mongol Empire fought at the Battle of Kulikovo. This open set of gorgeous fields and plains has more than just military history to it, and it is fantastic to take the quiet rural Russia tour you’ve been dreaming of. Well, I have been dreaming of it, I am so sick of the city!
• TripAdvisor: Museum and Memorial to the Heroes of the Kulikovo Battle ► http://bit.ly/2qSMfKu
The centerpiece of this region and one of the best places to visit in Russia has got to be the Kulikovo Battlefield Museum. It is a gorgeous, interactive and informative attraction that will make anyone happy who loves historical places. The building itself is divided into two separate halves to look like lines of the Russians and Mongols clashing.

I must say that you tourism fans should not pass on the chance to see the giant black iron column that is a short drive from the museum. It’s really something! So we’ve shown you Tula but now take a look at the gorgeous region around it!

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