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Top best places to visit in Shkoder, Albania
Shkoder is one of the oldest and most historic places in Albania.

Since ancient times Shkoder, used to be known under the name of Scutari, had status as a major city. Today it is an important cultural and economic center.

Democracy Square is the main city hub and the primary spot for celebrating.
Next to it is located the second most important theater in Albania, the Migjeni.

But the central place for social gathering is the park situated next to the Democracy Square. The park is surrounded by important buildings, such as:
The University of Shkoder and the Parruca Mosque, the latest mosque in town.

Near by is also the seat of a municipal government, the Town Hall.

From the park begins the main pedestrian street, called Piazza, full of cafes and locals promenading in the evening hours.

Shkoder is the significant Islamic and Catholic center.
The most important sacred temples are:
The Ebu Beker Mosque, historically crucial in the scholarly learning.

The Orthodox Cathedral, a modern church dedicated to the Nativity of Christ.

The Franciscan Church, possessing several precious paintings.

And the Shkoder Cathedral, a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Saint Stephen, the first patron of the city.

Also worth a visit, situated at a traditional Shkodran House, the Historical Museum.

Close by is the Loro Borici Stadium, the second largest stadium in the country, named after Albania’s greatest football player.

The main attraction of the city is the Rozafa Fortress, one of the biggest and most famous castles in Albania.

The fort has a fascinating history and amazing views from the highest point.

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