Top best places to visit in Sopot & Gdynia
Sopot is a resort town, located between Gdansk and Gdynia. The main reason why this city is so famous is the longest wooden pier in Europe. Stretching out into the Bay of Gdansk in sunny days is full of people. Heroes of Monte Cassino is a street you can not miss. With tourist and street artists on every corner it is also a cultural center. Around this place you can find some good restaurants, clubs or theaters. The Crooked House makes this street even more lively and interesting.

The walkway starts from St. George’s Church and ends at the lighthouse and Spa Square next to the Wooden Pier. A lot of people are coming here for this long and beautiful beach. But most of them forget that they can see settlement from Middle Ages and learn about early Polish culture as well.

Sopot can be proud of their basketball team as they won 5 championships in a row. But the most the famous place in Sopot, just next to the Wooden Pier of course, is the Forest Opera. Opera is famous for its big event International Song Festival. On the way back from Forest Opera don’t forget to check this nice view of the city. But the best view is from the lighthouse. With the view of city center and Wooden Pier.

Gdynia. Central point of the city is the Kosciusko Square. This is also the beginning of the Southern Pier. Two important, historic vessels are moored here. Today these are museums and great tourist attractions. The Southern Pier is the most picturesque spot of the city.


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