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Interested in visiting the stunning Nordic country of Scandinavian Europe? This is our list of top 10 places to visit in Sweden. This list is of course excluding Stockholm but would easily be in our top 10. If you want to see all that Stockholm has to offer check out our Stockholm video here:

Our Top 10 near and around southern Sweden

1. Vasteras (Västerås). Sweden’s sixth biggest city surrounded by beautiful nature. It is placed right on the banks of Lake Malaren, the third largest freshwater lake in the whole of Sweden, a country covered in lakes.

2. Orebro (Örebro). It offers an impressive castle and a lively town centre, plus a wide range of attractions and outdoor activities. Närke is the name of the province.

3. Gripsholm slott. Swedish castle is About 70km from Stockholm, with its round towers, spires, drawbridge and creaky wooden halls.

4. Skokloster slott. One of the world’s greatest baroque castles in a beautiful natural setting by Mälaren’s shore near Arlanda. The castle is from the Swedish Empire of the 17th century; it is Sweden’s biggest private palace.

5. Kalmar. A city surrounded by water. In Kalmar, visitors can expect all the benefits of a seaside location, from beaches to harbors, as well as a thriving city center that is full of unique history.

6. Öland. An island located off the southeast coast of Sweden and connected to the mainland by a 6-kilometer long the Ölandsbron Bridge that leads to the city of Kalmar.

7. Bohus fortress. It has one of the most fascinating and turbulent histories of any of the Nordic strongholds. Tales of kings, queens and bloody battles make this 14th-century Norwegian castle a fascinating day trip from Gothenburg during the summer months.

8. Uppsala. Sweden’s fourth city has been the country’s intellectual and ecclesiastical centre since medieval times. Uppsala University is the oldest institution of higher learning in the country.

9. Vaxholm. Idyllic archipelago town with many well-preserved wooden houses from the turn of the last century painted in the archipelago’s typical delicate pastel tones. Vaxholm has numerous charming restaurants, cafés, and shops.

10. Grinda. A charming island, just over an hour away by the fastest boat, via Vaxholm. A blissful archipelago setting, in a nature reserve.

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