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Top best places to visit in Tampere, Finland
Tampere is the third largest city in Finland and the biggest inland town in the whole Nordic region.

Tampere is called a people’s city because of an excellent quality of life.

There’s something wonderfully old-fashioned here that makes this city a great place to live, study and work.

This is a major Finnish hub for information, technology, research, business, education, culture and sport.

The town lies on a narrow isthmus between Lake Pyhajarvi in the south and Lake Nasijarvi, which reaches far to the north.

Important buildings, like the Town Hall, Old Church and City Theatre are located on a central square Keskustori.

Hameenkatu Street, The main avenue of Tampere, starts at main railway station, passes Keskustori Square and ends at Hameenpuisto Park.

At the end of this street is the Statue of Liberty, City Library and the Church of Alexander.

Tampere is a city full of statues
And nice architecture.

The Finlayson Area has an interesting historic factory complex.

You can find here also the not too big but very popular Finlayson Church.

And Finlayson Palace, with a small garden.

Near the palace is Nasi Park with baroque style mansion and a Memorial for the victims of the shipwreck of S/S-Kuru.

From the memorial site you’ll have a great view over Sarkanniemi Adventure Park and the lake Nasijarvi.

The best view is from 168m Nasinneula Tower.
You can see the whole city and lakes.

On top of the Pyynikki ridge is another observation tower. When the weather is nice it offers a surprisingly good view of Tampere and surrounding lakes, and they have the best donuts in town.

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