Most people like to travel in the summer. The sun is out, the beaches are ready and, well, it’s basically most convenient due to school and work holidays. We’ve already promoted April as an ideal month for travelling, but luckily, you’re not too late! May is a pretty sweet time to pack your bags and head for the airport as well. Here’s where to go, according to Marina from What It’s Like.

The first tip is Madagascar. Yeah, we’ve all seen the cute movie about the New York Zoo animals, but have you ever considered this beautiful African island as a travel destination? Madagascar’s famous rock formations park is a must-see, especially in May. The season has just opened up for visitors, so you’ll beat the summer crowds. Fun fact: the name of this national park is ‘Tsingy de Bemaraha’, and the word tsingy means ‘where one cannot walk barefoot’. That doesn’t look like a great plan indeed…

Another awesome May destination: the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in northern Brasil. Here, Mother Nature creates a surreal landscape in spring. Some of the usually dry white sand dunes transform to a lake, because the rainwater is captured in between the dunes. Fancy a swim?

Rather visit an urban area in May? Head for South Korea’s capital Seoul. In spring, they celebrate the birth of Buddha with the Lotus Lantern festival. With this festival, Seoul shows the world they know how to throw a good birthday party. The festival consists of several different activities and programs with names that are hard to pronounce (Hoehyang Hanmadang, Yeondeungnori or Chopailbeobyosik, anyone?) and ends with an stunning lantern parade.

What are you waiting for? Grab your passport and book that last minute now!
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