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Hello, guys,
I have spent one week in northern Italy visiting the Dolomites area. I loved it so much and had the opportunity to visit so many amazing places that I want to share with you. My advice is for you to prepare in advance as there are so many things to do, so many destinations to check and wonderful places where you can have you lunch and dinner.

My Full Guide to the Dolomites is a must have if you are planning to travel for the first time to this hidden gem of northern Italy. This guide comprises valuable information for newcomers and it is structured in five chapters, as following:

1. Best places to visit in the Dolomites.

2. Best hiking trails in the Dolomites.

3. Best places to eat in the Dolomites.

4. Best activities you can do in the Dolomites.

5. Best tips if you plan to visit the Dolomites.

I hope you will find it helpful and I wish you the best time in the Dolomites.

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