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Top best places to visit in Turku, Finland
Turku is a city in the Southwest portion of Finland.

It’s an important business and cultural center and it is believed that this is the oldest city in Finland. Turku is also the country’s first capital.

Founded in 13th century and until the great fire in 1827 it was the most important Finnish city.

Turku is located at the mouth of Aura River. The eastern side is popularly referred to as “this side of the river”, while the western side is referred to as “the other side of the river”.

The city center lies on both sides of the river.
On the western side is Market Square with Swedish Theatre, the oldest theater in the country, as well as the Orthodox Church.

And on the eastern side of Aura River is Cathedral the most important religious building in Finland.

To transfer from one side to another you can use the free Fori Ferry.
The trip covers distance of 78m and takes about a minute and a half.

The Finnish name Turku originates from the Old East Slavic word, turgu, meaning “market place”.
Nowadays if you want to visit the real market place go to Turun Kauppahalli.

Another place worth visiting is the Museum of Art, a landmark building visible from many points of the city.

A must for everyone visiting the city and one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions – Turku Castle is the largest surviving medieval building in Finland.
It dates from the 1280s. Highlights include two dungeons and magnificent banquet halls, and historical museum of medieval Turku in a maze of restored rooms in the castle’s old bailey.

Along the banks of Aura river one can find parks with nice views of the city.

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